Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My Albatross soars
in its dream battles
of green hopes
for a sweet while
and wakes up just in time
to be back
to the stormy times
of blames and stares,
hanging blissfully dead
from a silly neck.

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Gautam Nadkarni said...

Dear Jose, as you must be knowing an 'albatross' is sacred and holy to sailors. Killing an albatross meant inviting ill-luck and was considered as an ill omen. Your poem chooses an albatross dreaming of victories in 'dream battles' and wakes up finally to confront the harsh realities of our times. I find a certain amount of nostalgia or wishful thinking on the part of the poet persona and the reader is left wondering what the death of the albatross will result in, what chaos, what ill-luck, and so on. I wouldn't dare call the poem mystical but there does appear to be a certain amount of mysticism in the image of the albatross you have selected.